Radio Frequency Spectrum Control and Monitoring Department

Pursuant to the Law on Electronic Communications, the Radio Frequency Spectrum Control and Monitoring Department performs tasks concerning the control of radiocommunications and supervision of the enforcement of the Law and the bylaws for which the AEC is responsible.

Control of radiocommunications performs through monitoring the emission from radio stations (radio monitoring) from fixed stations (Control Measurement Centres - CMC) with crew in Skopje, Bitola and Stip, and remotely operated radio monitoring stations without the crew and from mobile radio monitoring stations. In order to ensure effective and lawful use of radio frequency spectrum the Department performs radio monitoring for:
  • Research and resolve of interference in radiocommunications;
  • Control of technical and exploitation conditions under which radio stations operate with an Authorisation for radio frequency use;
  • Detection of radio stations operating without Authorisation for radio frequency use;
  • Determining of the occupancy of radio frequency spectrum with emission of radio stations from Republic of Macedonia and other neighboring countries.

Agency for Electronic Communications

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Republic of North Macedonia

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