RF Spectrum

Radio Frequency Spectrum is a limited natural resource whose use is of a national interest for the Republic of Macedonia.
Pursuant to the Law on Electronic Communications of the Republic of Macedonia, by-laws, Constitution, the Convention and the ITU Radio Regulations, the Agency for Electronic Communications is responsible for the efficient use of RF spectrum, i.e. it ensures smooth operation of various radiocommunications services, taking care to protect the health and safety of the users.
For the purpose of effective managing with the RF spectrum the Agency for Electronic Communications shall adopt Plan of radio frequency bands allocation and Plan for assignment and use of radio frequencies, shall issue authorizations for radio frequency use and approvals for radio equipment use, shall keep a Registry of allocated frequencies and their users and shall perform control and monitoring of RF spectrum.

Agency for Electronic Communications

21, Kay Dimitar Vlahov
1000 Скопје
Republic of North Macedonia

Тел.: + 389 2 3289 200 + 389 2 3289 203
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